Jane McLoud

Dressage Spoken Here


  • Do you know what the two most important basic exercises are to school any horse?
  • Do you know what a turn on the forehand is, and what it progresses to?
  • Can you do Renvers and Travers? To get the answers to these questions and learn much more, contact me.
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  • With over 55 years of training experience, Jane provides quality riding instruction and horse training to riders of all ability levels and ages.
  • No matter what level you ride, Jane will work with you on solid, basic training as a foundation to succeed.
  • No gimmicks, no gadgets, no shortcuts
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  • Jane pays attention to building confidence in her students, insuring that each lesson is both challenging and rewarding.
  • Spaces open for new students of all ability levels. Jane offers lessons, training, turnout and care, special needs, and retirements.
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    About me


    Jane Dressage Competition

    With over 50 years training at the Paddock Riding Club, Jane has the experience and techniques to training horses and teach riders ranging from beginners to FEI show riders.


    The Paddock

    A fully gated, secure facility


    Jane McLoud Dressage is located at The Paddock Riding Club, 3919 Rigali Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Board includes Alfalfa Cubes (60% alfalfa 40% grass mix).


    Horse care

    Peace of mind


    Jane offers turnout and care, equestrian special needs, and retirements. Jane lives on site and can montior and care for a variety of special needs horses. Internet camera monitoring available at an additional cost.

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